Mangamaunu saved… power to the people!!

So – as a follow up to my blog post ‘Save Maungamanu’ a few weeks back (which detailed the planned construction and destruction of an iconic surf break very close to where I am currently living in Kaikoura (NZ)) I have amazing news – after a preliminary judicial hearing in the courts at Christchurch, the SPS (Surf Protection Society) in New Zealand have successfully negotiated saving the beach area.

Further details of what’s happened have been posted below, the article of which I will share the link for anybody who is interested or following the story:

I’d like to thank anyone who shared the link, signed the petition or even spent time spreading the word.  There’s still work to go though… as the SPS shared on their Facebook page:

‘The mediation outcome represents the combined work of local, national and international community backing the protection of Mangamaunu. It’s a good outcome (a good start) for sure but there’s still work to do team. The ongoing important issues of protection of wahi tapu sites, urupa, the proposed closure of the surfers carpark and importantly the full involvement & inclusion of iwi and community voice in any changes to this beautiful coastline still stand. Hugely grateful for everyone on here who has contributed and supported this mahi and long may it continue. We need to keep this wild and precious taonga protected well into the future!’


For anybody who’d like to keep updated on the situation here in Kaikoura you can search: ‘Save Maungamanu’ on Facebook and get up to date information.


Despite the fact the local council sold us out, despite the fact the planning had already been consented (as ”emergency repair work”)  – which it shouldn’t have been put through as – it just goes to show that when enough people make enough noise – things CAN be changed….. Now…. if only people started realising this and remaining strong and passionate about the things that really matter to them, we really can begin to change the world for better.



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